Know the repurchase of loan between individuals

The repurchase of loan is a financial technique that aims at optimizing its budget. Such an operation includes several loans of different types: real estate loan, consumer loan, car loan, revolving loan, tax debts, overdraft and others.

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The definition of the repurchase of loan

In order for a repurchase of loan to take place and be effective, at least two loans must be grouped together. As a principle, the loan buyback concerns all the debts of the borrower. He ensures that they are grouped together at a lower interest rate, in a single fixed monthly payment.

This is done with one organization. It is possible to reduce the debt ratio of a borrower by 80%. It should be noted that the duration of the loan is lengthened because monthly payments are lower. The repurchase of loan can thus intervene in many situations requiring a rebalancing of its budget. They can be the loss of a job, the arrival of a child, the realization of work, the replacement of a car, higher education.

Crowdlending and loan between individuals

To have a buyback loan between individuals, it is mandatory to go through a crowdlending platform, or equity loan. It allows individuals to lend money to businesses or other individuals. These platforms are in full development and are in large numbers on the Internet. Typically, they specialize in lending to start-ups and businesses. Also, the platforms for the loan between individuals are much less frequent.

The principle is simple: the platform plays the role of the banker by granting a true copy of a conventional bank loan. The money comes from individuals who want to lend their money. They make a very profitable investment, ranging between 3 and 6% for a loan to individuals and between 7 and 10% on average. Crowdlending allows you to have a non-bank loan, also with an interest rate, to repay in the form of monthly payments. Thus, lenders and borrowers find their account. In addition, obtaining loan is faster.

The operation of the repurchase of loan between individuals

To have a loan between individuals, the borrower communicates to the loan platform its loan application. It specifies the amount of funding desired, its income, its professional situation and supporting documents. On the investor side, the loan platform allows investors to view the various projects and accounts of the company. Lenders also analyze the demand for financing and the viability of the operation.

On some platforms, the operation allows the investor to subscribe to a formula and a fund. To do this, he must open an account that he feeds by making bank transfers. Thus, it does not invest in a particular project but in different investments.

Repayment, another form of loan between individuals

Repurchase is another form of loan between individuals. It is intended for real estate. If the owner of a real estate must sell, the repurchase offers him the opportunity to buy this property, later. There are several specialized financial institutions in the field that offer personalized offers to interested owners.

The repurchase thus takes the form of a mortgage. Individuals can also offer a repurchase to an owner, to be a repurchase of loan between private individuals. Also, the owner has 5 years to redeem his property at the same prices and conditions as those of the sale. During this period, the seller ex-owner can still continue to occupy the property, against an amount paid to the new owner, which is the occupation allowance, according to the site http: //www.rachat-de-loan-rapide. info .