Modern Loan, Consumer Loan for DOMs

If you live in metropolitan France, you may not know this company yet which belongs to the group BNP Paribas Personal Finance.

Bank is a subsidiary of Cetelem. Founded in 1975 in metropolitan France, this independent company is originally specialized in car loans. Years later, she decided to set up her business in the French overseas departments.

After becoming closer to the Paribas group in the early 90s, Bank became a 100% Cetelem subsidiary in 1999. Bank being in a way the Cetelem of the French overseas departments, the company quickly becomes the leader of the business following its acquisition by the large group.

The loan company currently has several establishments in Réunion and is also present in French Guiana and the Caribbean (Guadeloupe and Martinique).

Just like its parent company, Bank, is specialized in the distribution of consumer loan for individuals. Although originally a specialist in car loans, the establishment offers a wide range of products in line with local demand.

We also find financing products such as personal loans, loans and revolving loan, even if the loan for the purchase of a vehicle remains the most popular financial product. In 2005, according to Bertrand Gros, director of Cetelem’s overseas subsidiary, auto loans accounted for around 60 to 70% of outstanding loans in the French overseas departments .

The Bank loan card: an effective solution to deal with unforeseen circumstances

In addition to its various financing solutions, the hotel also offers its customers a loan card backed by a revolving loan, the Bank loan card. Card allowing to make purchases in store or on the Net as well as withdrawals in distributor, it also allows to benefit from many advantages in the different signs of the network Bank.

This Card also offers you the possibility for example to postpone your payments for free up to 40 days but also to pay your purchases on loan by using the revolving loan available to you.