NOSGEN Credits and Details

NOSGEN is a state institution where people who want to enter the business life can provide the capital they need. It was established with the aim of reviving the economy, starting the commercial activities of the new companies, starting the business life of the people as their own boss, and contributing to the national economy by increasing the exports. Any entrepreneur who meets the criteria set by the institution can benefit from these loans. What are the 2018 NOSGEN Credits?


2018 NOSGEN Credits and Details


In order to benefit from the zero interest loan or grant loan, which is included in the NOSGEN loans of 2018, you must register in the database. You can start your registration by entering your tax number or identification number on the links for zero interest or grant credit on the NOSGEN website. After you submit your application online, you will receive information about your business. If the information seems wrong, you can get help from NOSGEN Provincial or District Directorate . If your information is correct, you can proceed by filling in the blank fields. You will receive a text message after your application .


The Most Common Business Lines Granted by NOSGEN Loan

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Although there are many lines of business, the most commonly performed works with NOSGEN loans are as follows;

  • Chocolate, confectionery and cocoa production
  • Manufacture of food products
  • Vegetable and fruit juice production
  • Manufacture of fruit and vegetables
  • Salt extraction
  • Lignite and coal extraction
  • Extraction of natural gas and crude oil
  • Mining of metal ores
  • Mining of iron ores
  • Quarrying
  • Limestone, building blocks, ornament, chalk, gypsum quarrying
  • Sand quarries and gravel quarries
  • Mineral mining (for fertilizing and chemical purposes)
  • Activities supporting natural gas and oil extraction
  • Processing and storage of shellfish, fish
  • Manufacture of meat and poultry products
  • Production of fats and margarine
  • Dairy products
  • Ice cream production
  • Manufacture of starch products and starch milled cereal products
  • Starch production
  • Bakery production
  • Bread production,
  • Production of fresh cakes and bakery products
  • Production of noodles, pasta, couscous and similar products
  • Tea and coffee processing,
  • Manufacture of vinegar, sauces, seasonings and other condiments

Persons wishing to engage in these business lines can start commercial activities by following the application steps of NOSGEN. For more information about 2018 NOSGEN Credits, please visit our NOSGEN Credits section.